All-Female Crew Takes Charge at Kensington Volunteer Fire Department’s Station 5

Picture this: a dining room table filled with the determined faces and strong collective spirit – of an all-female fire crew. It’s a scene that embodies empowerment and breaks new ground in what is usually a male-dominated field. 

Veronica Melgar, a Volunteer Firefighter at KVFD remarked, “Wow, this was awesome. It just felt so empowering and exciting to be part of an all-female crew in what is such a male-oriented field. You don’t see that every day.” Here we share this groundbreaking crew’s transformative journey.

Setting an Example for the Next Generation of Firefighters

On November 20, 2023, an all-female crew took charge for the first time at Station 5. Six female volunteers staffed both Paramedic Engine 705 and Ambulance 705. 

Their journey is more than a milestone for KVFD, it also serves as an inspiration for young women who dream of donning the firefighter’s helmet. As Firefighter V. Melgar said, “You don’t see that every day.”

The presence of six female firefighters isn’t just about setting an example for young girls who dare to dream beyond conventional career paths. By witnessing an all-female crew in action, young women feel empowered to excel in a field where courage knows no gender. 

In emergency services, having an all-female crew is more than a symbol of progress, it’s a catalyst for change. “To be a woman in the fire service has its challenges, so I think it’s so important to show the community that there are no limits to what we, women, can accomplish,” Veronica continued. 

“By seeing all women coming out of a fire engine, I hope we can one day inspire other women and little girls that they too can do anything they put their mind to!”

Be Part of a Crew That Values Diversity, Skill, and Strong Female Leaders

Feeling inspired by the story of our all-female crew at KVFD Station 5? Discover how you can become a trailblazer in the firefighting community. 

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