Watch Now: Why volunteer firefighters risk it all for their communities

The personal rewards and satisfaction received from the fire and rescue service are often beyond description. There is a sense of accomplishment after controlling a building fire, joy and elation when a child is born, compassion for accident victims, and fulfillment in teaching fire safety. However, this business is not for everyone. In addition to a desire to help people, you also need courage, dedication, assertiveness, and a willingness to face new challenges. Often, our members are called on to perform hot, sweaty, dirty, strenuous work, sometimes in uncertain and hazardous environments.

Men and women age 16 and older who are in good physical condition and have the desire to participate in emergency fire and/or medical activities are eligible for membership. There are many levels of participation in the active membership class. They are determined by certifications obtained through various training programs. Those persons who do not have the desire to participate in emergency activities, or who cannot meet the physical requirements for active membership are encouraged to enter the service as Associate Members. These members contribute to the volunteer service in the areas of fundraising, public relations, public education, and administration — vital functions which support the Kensington Volunteer Fire Department.

Making a commitment to serve as a volunteer firefighter or emergency medical technician is a serious decision and involves a profound commitment. Your decision to join us should not be made quickly. This portion of our web site will provide the information needed to help you make that decision. Once you understand what is involved, we hope you will find that you are able to make the commitment we need to contribute to the safety of the community and its citizens. You will find that participation as a volunteer member of our service will bring personal rewards and satisfaction, raise self-esteem, and give you a tremendous sense of accomplishment for a job well done.

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