KVFD 2023 Awards Dinner

KVFD held its annual awards banquet on Saturday, May 13, 2023, to recognize accomplishments of all our members in 2022. We had many award winners for lots of incredible work done throughout last year – keep reading to learn more about each award and their recipients!

Robert P. Lynch Length of Service Award

Named for long-time KVFD member Robert Lynch, these awards recognize continuing service to the department beginning with Five Years of Service and continuing in five-year increments. The 20- year Length of Service award is named in memory of Dome Poomjunern.


  • Maria Ale – 5 Years
  • Alessandra Breen – 5 Years
  • Jay Leach – 5 Years
  • Marianna Marin – 5 Years
  • Max Miebach – 5 Years
  • Tammy Servies – 5 Years
  • David Breitman – 10 Years
  • Peter Brost – 10 Years
  • Gail Holcombe – 10 Years
  • George Schuttler – 10 Years
  • Jake Haskell – 15 Years
  • David An – 20 Years
  • Sandra Araujo – 20 Years
  • Juan Bofill 30 Years
  • Hal Cohen 30 Years
  • Donald Phillips – 40 Years
  • Steve Steinberg – 40 Years

Arthur M. Hawkins Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame exists to honor long-serving members who have made significant contributions to KVFD throughout their time with the department. In 2022 this award was named after 61-year member Chief Arthur Hawkins.

Recipient: Coy Holcombe

Eugene C. Raney Award

This prestigious honor, named for one of KVFD’s early, influential leaders, is awarded to one member who embodies strong leadership qualities and has demonstrated outstanding, dedicated service to the department over a minimum of 15 LOSAP years.

Recipient: Juan Bofill

Life Membership Recognition

Each year at the annual awards ceremony we recognize those members who have obtained “Life Membership” since the previous year’s ceremony. Life Members have completed 10 years of LOSAP and must be voted in by the members of KVFD.

Life Member Gold Card:

  • Solveig King
  • Cole Conte
  • Sarah Ogrin
  • Andrew Stowe
  • Coy Holcombe
  • Marsha Aranguez

Top Responders

Awards that recognize members who have responded to the most incidents with KVFD in the previous calendar year.

Call Totals: Live-Ins

  • Thomas Youth – 623 calls
  • Traci Duvall – 442 calls
  • Jeremy Flete – 384 calls
  • Lehan Gunawardana – 343 calls
  • Coy Holcombe – 302 calls

Call Totals: Non-Live-Ins

  • Kevin Tighe – 511 calls
  • Veronica Melgar – 311 calls
  • Zamir Hussain – 298 calls
  • Zachary Youth – 247 calls
  • David Breitman – 246 calls

Call Totals: Chiefs

Rob King – 173

Unit Citations

Unit Citation #1 – Glenmont Circle Fire 10/5/2022

Lt. Breitman – E705 responded to a building fire (which went to a 2nd alarm) on 10/5/22 at 2370 Glenmont Circle along with C705 C705C, and CT705. We were 5th due, but due to a mis-dispatched address, E705 was responsible for supplying the majority of the fire with water. Without us thinking fast and adapting, this fire could have spread much more than it did.


  • Captain T. Nguyen
  • Lt. D. Breitman
  • FF B. Morlock
  • FF T. Youth
  • FF V. Melgar
  • FF L. Gunawardana 

C705: FC J. Connell

C705C: DFC R. King


  • J. Leach
  • N. Rudolph

Unit Citation #2 – Elmont St. Cardiac Arrest 12/4/2022

A705 Was dispatched on a call for a cardiac arrest in the RS2 area. Arrived on the scene and worked very closely and well with RS742 and ALS742 until PE721 arrived. Due to the effective communication and teamwork they did help obtain ROSC with the patient, smooth transfer to cot and transport to hospital. This crew showed what effective communication and teamwork looked like and truly made KVFD proud.


  • FF Thomas Youth
  • MMA Traci Duvall
  • Prob. Ezra Nicol
  • Prob. Yuliana Portillo

Unit Citation #3 – Atherton PIC 5/12/2022

C705C (King) self-dispatched from home to investigate the loud sound of a vehicle collision. Located a two (2) vehicle collision in the intersection of Connecticut Avenue and Atherton Drive between a pickup truck pulling a trailer and a white four door sedan.

Name, Unit:

  • Kevin Gass, PE725
  • Zachary Grossman, PE725
  • Anthony Justus, PE725
  • Robert Hoch, PE725
  • Brian Lynch, A725
  • Brittany Carty, A725
  • Michael Caldarola, A725B
  • Cameron Rudasill, A725B
  • Luis Beltre, PE705
  • Tete Etey-Benissan, A705
  • John Morales, A705
  • Scott Atwell, PE718
  • Patrick Longo, PE721
  • Johanna Fuentes, PE721
  • Racy Nelson, PE721
  • Robert Laidlow, A721
  • Benjamin Hurda, A721
  • Robert King, C705C

Circle of Excellence

The annual Circle of Excellence pays tribute to a group of KVFD members who we rely on to provide solid, consistent, and professional day-to-day service throughout the previous year. These are members who may not have won other awards, but without whom the department would struggle to maintain the level of service that is expected by the community we serve.


  • Kevin Tighe
  • Thomas Youth
  • Lehan Gunawardana
  • David Breitman
  • James Bennett

Fire Chief’s Award

An award to honor a member that the Fire Chief has recognized for outstanding efforts or particular accomplishments in service to the chief, the chief’s staff or the operations division in general.

Recipient: Georg Schuttler

KVFD Auxiliary Award

Award honoring members of the KVFD Auxiliary for their service. Determined by the KVFD Auxiliary.

Recipient: Marcine Goodloe, for 26 years of service to KVFD

George F. Herbold President’s Award

An award to honor a member that the President has recognized for outstanding efforts or particular accomplishments in service to the president, the president’s office or the department in general.

Recipient: Traci Duvall

Mohamed Fofanah Probationary Member of the Year

Named in memory of the late Mohamed Fofanah, this award goes to an operational member who demonstrated outstanding efforts or notable accomplishments as a Probationary Member in the previous year.

Recipient: Ezra Nicol

Donald R. Bourque Training Award

Named in memory of the late Donald R. Bourque, this award honors a member who exemplified himself/herself in one or more training activities or initiatives in the previous year, either as a trainee or a trainer.

Recipient: Thomas Youth

Outstanding Service Award

Awarded to a member for outstanding efforts, accomplishments or acts that are not recognized elsewhere in the award program, but that rise to a level that such honor is war.


  • John Kelly
  • David Breitman
  • Wayne Rogers

Administrative Member of the Year

Awarded to a member who demonstrated outstanding service or notable accomplishments in administrative work and activities during the previous year.

Recipient: Nancy Clarkson

Officer of the Year

Awarded to a member who demonstrated outstanding service or notable accomplishments as an EMS or Fire Officer during the previous year.

Recipient: Dan Henning

EMS Member of the Year

Awarded to a member who demonstrated outstanding service or notable accomplishments in EMS work during the previous year.

Recipient: Traci Duvall

Firefighter of the Year

Awarded to a member who demonstrated outstanding service or notable accomplishments in firefighting during the previous year.

Recipient: Lehan Gunawardana