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Section 4: Local Builder Donates General Contracting Services; Groundbreaking Ceremony

Construction commenced in 2010, with Keith Golden (a professional arborist), taking down the tree at the Memorial site. Heidenberger and his donor-contractors then commenced ground preparation and leveling, leading to creation of a concrete floor and concrete pedestals for the WTC metal and Pentagon stone, followed by electrical lighting, brick installation, stone wall finished by then-­Board Member Ernesto Moretti, landscaping arranged by D’Amato, and so on. Meanwhile, when the metal was ready for delivery to Station 5 for mounting, Golden and Moretti brought the metal, by flatbed truck from KVFD Station 21 to Station 5, escorted “lights and sirens” by approximately two dozen MCPD motorcycle police and police cars, joined by the old KVFD antique Model L engine and brand new (not yet in service) KVFD Ambulance 705B, while uniformed members of KVFD solemnly saluted. With police having blocked all traffic, the solemn procession ended with a waiting massive crane lifting the steel into mounting position while Moretti hand-applied the four mounting screws which then were respectively tightened by Semler, then-KVFD Chief James Stanton, Steve Heidenberger, and Mayor Fosselman. The ground of the Memorial is lined with engraved bricks bought by the community (along with bricks honoring donor contractors and suppliers) which, in turn, supported a significant contribution by KVFD to the 9/11 Families Association.

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