Volunteer Spotlight: Laura Ventura

7-year member Laura Ventura is our next KVFD Volunteer Spotlight! Laura joined KVFD during her years at nursing school and has remained a member ever since. Keep reading to learn more about Laura, and how her background in EMS helped her land her current position as a critical care nurse at a trauma hospital.

Why did you decide to join KVFD?

I’ve been a member since 2016 so it has been about seven and a half years now. I decided to join because I had wanted to since high school but I didn’t have any time in high school to join while also playing a sport. So when I was in college, I decided that it was finally time. 

What titles, roles, and responsibilities have you held in your time at KVFD?

I am an EMT, Firefighter and Ambulance driver. I am also a member of the EMS check off team to get new EMT’s ready to be charge officers of the ambulance.

What do you do when you’re not volunteering?

I am a night shift critical care nurse at a trauma hospital. On my days off I love traveling, hiking and trying new restaurants

What is your favorite part about volunteering at KVFD? 

I love being there for my community. I grew up and still live in station 5’s response area so it feels very personal to me to be there for my neighbors when they are having an emergency. 

How has your experience at KVFD had a positive influence on your career or other aspects of your life? 

I was an EMT before I was a nurse so having an EMS background was extremely beneficial to me in nursing school and made all of the things I was learning click so much more easily. Doing EMS also helped me build connections with nurses at various local hospitals that ended up making it easier for me to get hired there when the time came. 

What would you like to tell someone who is thinking about joining KVFD? 

KVFD provided a life changing experience for me and if you feel like you are ready to take the highs and lows of emergency services and the adrenaline rush of never knowing what you’ll find when you arrive on a call, then you should consider volunteering. 

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