KVFD Volunteer Spotlight: Max Miebach

Meet Max Miebach, a dedicated volunteer at KVFD for over six years! By night, Max serves as a volunteer firefighter. By day, he’s a graduate student at The George Washington University, pursuing a Master’s in Public Health with a focus on Epidemiology. Max’s commitment to both his studies and the fire service embodies the essence of volunteerism, and we value his meaningful impact on our community. Keep reading to discover how his journey at KVFD has shaped his path toward serving others.

Why did you decide to join KVFD?

During high school, I wanted to become an ER physician. Even before pursuing medical school, I felt a strong desire to contribute to my community and assist those in need. Volunteering turned out to be the perfect avenue to do so. A mentor suggested becoming an EMT was a valuable way to gain hands-on experience. Given that KVFD was my local volunteer fire department, it seemed like the perfect fit. I eagerly put in an application and as I started my journey at KVFD, I discovered a profound love for it.

Throughout your time at KVFD, what titles, roles, and responsibilities have you held?

During my six years at KVFD, I’ve primarily held the rank of Firefighter 2, often serving as the lineman on the engine during Friday night shifts. I also drive the ambulance occasionally and assist in training probationary members. I’m aiming to advance by taking classes to become an engine driver or officer.

When you’re not volunteering, how do you typically spend your time?

As a full-time graduate student in Public Health with a concentration in Epidemiology, much of my time is dedicated to studies. When I’m not doing school work or volunteering at the station, you can find me playing video games or hanging out with friends. 

What aspects of volunteering at KVFD do you find most fulfilling or rewarding?

There are many rewarding aspects of volunteering, but in my opinion, the most fulfilling is the unique opportunity it provides me – to help my community in a way that few others can.  KVFD stands out as one of the few stations in the Washington D.C. area that is 100% volunteer-run, which is a rarity in today’s landscape where many fire departments rely solely on career staff.

This distinction gives us a special advantage; unlike other stations that have career-only firefighters, or in most cases the volunteers do not ride minimum staffing positions. At KVFD, since we are all volunteers, we have the chance to make a direct impact whenever duty calls. This sense of making a tangible difference is something that you truly can’t get anywhere else.

In what ways has your involvement with KVFD positively impacted your career or personal life?

The fire service is a key part of public health, ensuring public safety in times of emergency and disaster. It has given me a hands-on perspective of public health that not many others have. My time at KVFD has extended beyond professional growth; it’s where I’ve met some of my best friends. Being at the firehouse for such a long time, I have gotten to know everyone pretty well; it’s very much a second family to me.

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